jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Letter to E.

I used to write a lot.
Now I just play with words and listen to a lot of meaningful songs that translate what my fingers can't type.

I use to think my body didn't have blood in it. That I was made out of ink.
Now all my ink seems to be running down, mixed up with water and dust. Confused and lost. And kind of lonely too.

So help me find some peace. Guide me to the south pole where I can freeze my heart and put all of these mixed up thoughts into a tiny tiny box. And watch it like that, like a moment that is on hold.

I used to enjoy being blind. But the truth is, I wasn't blind untill now.

I just need some light. And for people to stop playing so many games all at once.
When will I heal?

Dear E.
If you could only learn how to read me like you used to. I miss you so much.

Kisses and hugs.


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