martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Wish I could let everything out.
All of it.
All the darkness that each and everyone of us has inside of our heads. Aren't we all a bit of a headfuck?
I know there isn't a single human being without a spot on their soul, yet I spent most of my days dreaming about the day where I stop fighting with my own shadow.
No one can see, no one can reach... It's all locked inside, and when the tip is of the iceberg is showing, that's when I feel like running, exploting, screaming, punching, fucking... Until I ran out of breath, until I am so tired that I feel nothing else but my body. No sound inside, no pain, no happiness, just letting it all go. All that scares me, all that frightens me, all that is dragging me down.
To look inside the eye of one's fear and shout from the stomach, until it breaks, until it vanishes like ashes in the air.
I need the wind in my face, your hand holding mine, and a couple of cigarettes to burn.

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